Title Company for Lenders

We have provided title services to mortgage lenders in Miami for more than thirty years. We provide a variety of services including title reviews, preparing and issuing insurance policies, closing facilitation, and file and record management.

Title Search & Title Review

Once we receive your title order, we perform statewide title searches, preferably with a prior title policy, and generate a title commitment. We also provide other services like verification of property tax status and property tax payments, ordering payoffs from lenders, ordering property surveys, and more.

We check to make sure that the chain of ownership is correct, the documentation is complete, and that there are no liens, judgments, or lawsuits pending against the property.  If there are any issues or problems that arise, our attorneys are uniquely positioned to handle the problems efficiently.


Acting as an Escrow Officer

Bay Title Co. can act as an escrow officer in connection with your real estate transactions. We hold documents and/or money as a part of the transaction and according to the instructions of the parties.  

How It Works

When acting as the escrow officer, we release the deed to the buyer and the money to the seller according to the transaction terms. This helps to keep the real estate transactions clean and well documented for lenders. 


Coordinating Real Estate Closings

We obtain all loan documents from the lender throughout the transaction process and prepare all of the necessary paperwork. Once all of the paperwork is in order, we get in touch with all of the involved parties to coordinate the closing.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make closing as easy as possible for the buyer, the seller, and the lender. This includes collecting and disbursing all outstanding fees, commissions, and insurance premiums. We also ensure that all appropriate paperwork is filed with the courts. 

Once we finish the closing, our post-closing, processing, and packaging departments promptly and accurately complete each transaction.

Work With Bay Title Company

An attorney owned and operated title company can be an asset to mortgage lenders. We have worked with mortgage lenders all over South Florida to close real estate transactions in Miami, Broward, and Palm Beach County.  If you’re interested in working with Bay Title Co. on your next real estate transaction, contact us today to speak with our attorneys. 

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